Multiple Crises have Real Consequences: Stories of Resilience

The multiple crises we are facing are impacting our lives in many different ways: inflation pushing up costs of energy, food and transport, housing getting impossible to afford, extreme weather causing chaos, and increasingly hateful and open attacks on people’s rights from an emboldened far-right. We will listen to testimonies of people living in the EU who have inspiring stories of resilience. We want to hear and learn from their challenges and support their demands for building a brighter future. Their stories will serve as a reminder to us all of why we need to join progressive forces if we want to achieve social and ecological justice for all.

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Alain Laratta
Firefighter & General Secretary of the Avenir Secours trade union. 

Mirian Leirós
Activist for ecosocial education

Maite Navarro
Shopkeeper at Ultramarinos Javi