Thriving, not surviving: quality jobs and the future of work | Plenary 3

Rising cost-of-living driven by out of control corporate super-profits, excessive working hours with low pay that barely carries people to the end of the month with no time for family and community-- this is what millions of Europeans are putting up with in their daily struggle for a dignified life.*

In this plenary, we will discuss how we can achieve quality jobs with work-life balance, to ensure wages that keep up with the rising cost-of-living, to reduce our carbon footprint and a reduction of worktime to allow people to have a life outside of work, and to ensure wages that keep up with the rising cost-of-living. Let’s make sure that the massive job creation potential of the green deal leads to more equality, better work and a better life and a fair society.

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El Abass Echmouti
Trade union delegate, CC.OO

Íñigo Errejón Galván
Political scientist and Member of Parliament for SUMAR

Ivailo Kalfin
Executive Director at Eurofound

Sara Matthieu
Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, Belgium

Oliver Roethig
Regional Secretary at the European Services Workers Union (UNI Europa)

Juan Carlos Soriano
Construction worker and CCOO del Hábitat OSH (Occupational Safety and Health) Representative in his company