From poverty and precarity to progress and prosperity - delivering on the "Porto Agenda" | Workshop 3

The most vulnerable people in society are those who suffer the most from every crisis, who are constantly forgotten and constantly left behind. We cannot accept that there are still millions of people living in poverty in the richest continent on Earth. So, how can we work together to deliver on the "Porto Agenda" goal to lift 15 million people out of poverty by 2030?

Let's together discuss what tools we can use to ensure that every person gets their fair share for a life of dignity. We will look at what can be done from EU level, like a minimum income Directive, a job guarantee and child guarantee for everyone, and we'll gather ideas from different countries, like the trailblazing pre-distributive proposals from Sumar (Spain) on "the universal inheritance" - a 20,000€ grant for your 18th birthday.

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Laura de Bonfils
Secretary General of Social Platform

Kahina Rabahi
Policy and advocacy Coordinator at the European Anti-Poverty Network

Mounir Satouri
Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, France