Democracy under threat | Workshop 1

The crackdown against civil society has become a reality in the EU. By attacking those who question the system, the right and the far right are attacking democracy itself, and they are expanding their targets. We progressive forces have to be prepared and change, together, the narrative. We need to intervene when rights, democracy and the rule of law are under attack. Join us to brainstorm how progressive movements can unite and mobilise to defend the rule of law and our fundamental rights against the far-right's anti-social and anti-climate policies. Let's fight back.

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Desirée Bela-Lobedde Boleche
Writer and speaker

David Cormand
Member of the European Parliament, Europe Écologie-les Verts, France

Giada Negri
Research and policy coordinator at European Civic Forum

Nyanchama Okemwa
Chair of the European Network Against Racism and outreach consultant for Hand in Hand Against Racism