Health is the most important thing | Workshop 5

We need to empower health workers to deliver quality care for everybody. We want to recognise the healthcare professionals that save lives every day, who deserve decent working conditions and wages. Our lives depend on them, and still they get paid very little, they work long hours, and they have a lot of stress. We need to shift our public health policies to focus on avoiding sickness and governments should prioritise healthy air, water and food for all. And mental health can no longer be pushed aside - we need to look carefully at the impacts of stress and precarity on everybody's well-being.

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Yolanda Gil Alonso
President of the ETUC Youth Committee

José Ramon Becerra
Former Member of the Basque Parliament, Berdeak-Verdes EQUO

Dr. Rafael Cofiño
Member of Parliament for Sumar, Spain

Vanessa López
Executive director of Salud por Derecho

Tilly Metz
Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, Luxembourg