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Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, Netherlands
Kim Van Sparrentak

Kim Van Sparrentak


Kim studied Political Science and Urban Environmental Management and was active as a duo chair at DWARS Amsterdam during her studies. After her studies, she worked as a researcher at the New Zealand Center for Sustainable Cities, as a campaigner at Friends of the Earth and WISE, and as duo chair for the Young Greens (FYEG). There, she represented more than 10,000 green young people in Europe. Kim has been an MEP for GroenLinks since 2019.


Digitalisation and Internal Market

In these committees, Kim works on reducing overbearing market forces in the European Union. She is committed to a digital future that respects human rights and where big tech companies and online hatred do not determine the direction of public debate. We need to move towards an internet with rules that connects us rather than drive us apart. In her work on artificial intelligence, she emphasises non-discrimination, sustainability and the general protection of people in the workplace.

Social Affairs

Kim is convinced that the European Union must work towards social justice and good minimum social standards. That is why, in the Employment and Social Affairs Committee, she is pushing for affordable housing, proper working conditions and the protection of all workers in a digitising world.

Kim wrote a report on how to make housing accessible and affordable again in Europe in 2020, which received support in the European Parliament. Watch Kim's the speech on tackling the housing crisis here.


In all her work, Kim takes an intersectional approach. As coordinator of the LGBT working group, she works to promote equal rights for the LGBTQA+ community across Europe. Follow Kim on Instagram to be the first to know about her work on LGBTQA+ rights.

Follow Kim on Instagram to be the first to know about her work on LGBTQA+ rights.