Green Social Summit 2023.

Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, Austria
Monika Vana

Monika Vana

I have been committed to a common, democratic, social, gender-equitable and ecologically sustainable Europe for more than 25 years! It was always clear to me: If you want to save the European idea, you have to work on changing the EU. We need more Europe, but also a different Europe! That's why I've already fought at the local level as a local councilor and member of the state parliament, as well as across borders with the European Greens and with the CERT I founded, the round table for local politicians from Eastern Europe. I have been a member of the European Parliament since 2014 and head of the delegation of the Austrian Greens in the EP since 2019, focusing on social, women's, budget and regional policy.

In my politics it is always particularly important to me to raise my voice for people who experience disadvantages or are exposed to discrimination for various reasons. Only if the rights of all people are equally protected can we ensure a democratic EU and thus the most peaceful coexistence possible.

In my political work, it is particularly important to me to bring people with different backgrounds to the table and thus enable exchange and networking - and thus the basis for strong political cooperation.

In my daily work in the European Parliament, I advocate for a European Union that sees itself as a gender-equitable social union, a peace union and an ecologically sustainable climate union - as a European with passion, persistence and assertiveness!