Green Social Summit 2023.

Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, France
Mounir Satouri

Mounir Satouri

Driven by his commitment, Mounir Satouri was born in Morocco and arrived in Île-de-France at the age of 16 after having been jailed for political activism in a student trade union.

He then became a community activist against nuclear power and for the defense of human rights and joined the Greens in 2001. He was a Municipal elected official in Les Mureaux - a city in the suburb of Paris where he is still leaving - from 2008 to 2020, then of the Île-de-France Regional Council from 2010 to 2021 where he chaired the ecologist group. Professionally, as a social worker, he notably directed the social center of Chanteloup-les-Vignes (78).

Currently a Member of the European Parliament, Mounir Satouri works on the subjects of employment/social affairs as well as human rights and defense and devotes his mandate to fight against right-wing populism and advance social equality and solidarity.

He sits on the Employment and Social Affairs Committee (EMPL) and on the “Security and Defence” sub-committee (SEDE). He is also a substitute member of the Foreign Affairs Committee (AFET) and of the "Human Rights" sub-committee (DROI).