Green Social Summit 2023.

Member of the European Parliament, Greens/EFA Group, Luxembourg
Tilly Metz

Tilly Metz

Hello, my name is Tilly Metz, Green MEP, environmentalist and human rights defender with a passion for animals and a keen interest in health.

I was born and raised in Luxembourg's capital, where I still love to live. I studied psychology, education and psychomotricity and have been involved with the Luxembourg Greens, déi Gréng, since 2001. Before coming to the European Parliament in 2018, I taught at the Lycée Technique pour Professions Educatives et Sociales, where I was also deputy headmistress until I moved to the European Parliament in July 2018.

I am a member of the Multiple Sclerosis Society of Luxembourg as well as a member of the National Council for the Disabled and Vice-President of the Ateliers des Kräizbierg and Secretary of the Fondation Kräizbierg.

In the ENVI Committee, my focus is on health: as Health Coordinator for the Greens/EFA Group, I represented the Greens in discussions on strengthening the mandate of the European Medicines Agency (EMA), for the European Pharmaceutical Strategy and currently also in the negotiations on the European Health Data Space.

In the AGRI Committee, I was involved in the negotiations on the new agricultural policy: I was rapporteur for the Greens/EFA Group for the regulation on financing, management and monitoring. I was also shadow rapporteur for the Farm2Fork strategy, which aims to make the European food system more sustainable, healthy and fair.

In the TRAN Committee, I was Green Rapporteur for the European Climate Change Bill. I then worked on the Sustainable Tourism Strategy and the implementation report on road safety aspects of the Road Safety Package, among others.

As Chair of the Delegation for Relations with Central American Countries, my focus is on the fight for the respect of human and women's rights in Central America and the accompaniment to democracy building.